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Iridescent Colour: From Nature to the Painter's Palette, Leonardo, 44(2), pp.108-115

"Butterflies do it, cuttlefish do it: The thin-film curtain rises on natural rainbow coloring with nanoscale iridescent flakes, thanks to Franziska Schenk and Andrew Parker." Leonardo Network Newsletter, May, 2011

Latest exhibition


Another Change to see: The Art of Iridescence

As part of the Darwin Festival 2011, 25 Feb - 31 March Old Infirmary, Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Shrewsbury.

Experience the exhibition in the atmospheric setting of the Old Infirmary - a 900 year-old building originally part of Shrewsbury Abbey. A wholly appropriate venue for artwork created in praise of nature.

The Art of Iridescence


Solo show at British Science Festival 2010, 07-24 Sept Rotunda (Birmingham University) and School of Art (BCU)

Mimicking iridescent structures of butterflies, Schenk has adapted revolutionary colour-shifting nanoparticles to inject a dynamic dimension into painting. With iridescent eyespots as the leitmotiv, the artist explores novel bio-inspired effects of colour change.

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