Public Lectures

17 Sep 10
The Art and Science of Iridescence. Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham.
27 Nov 09
Franziska Schenk in Discussion with Prof. Frederic Fol Leymarie. Thursday Club, Goldsmiths University of London.
24 Nov 09
In the Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Evolution. School of Art, Birmingham City University.
13 Feb 09
In the Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Evolution. Darwin Day, University of Birmingham.
06 Mar 08
Fluctuating Colour in Nature and Art. Nature and Life, Natural History Museum, London.
13 Dec 07
Art and Science: A Dialogue. Public lecture followed by panel discussion, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham.
Nov 04
Mantel of Many Colours. National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth.

Conference presentations

June 10
Invited research visit to Department of Neurophysics, Groningen University, NL.
13 July 09
Bio-inspired ‘Pigments’ and their Conversion to the Painter’s Palette. Conference: Bio-inspired Photonic Structures, San Sebastian, Spain.
31 March 09
Biophotonics: An Inspiration for Fine Art Painting. SciArt Colloquium: Biophotonics – Bioinspiration, Fondation des Treilles, France.
24 Oct 08
Capturing Nature’s Fluctuating Colour on Canvas. Conference: Colour in Art, Design and Nature, Edinburgh Academy.
31 July 08
Reflections on the Natural History Museum: The Art of Iridescence and Nature’s Jewels. 3rd Int. Conf. on the Arts and Society, Birmingham.
16 Apr 08
Art and Iridescence: The Museum’s Collection as Exemplar. New Perspectives Research Workshop, Natural History Museum, London.
June 07
Nano Paints: An Artist’s View of Sepia. 6th Workshop of Hydrozoan Society, Marine Biological Association, Plymouth.

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