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For over a decade now, the natural world has provided the focus for Franziska Schenk’s artistic exploration of fundamental natural principles - namely evolution, fossilisation, predation and camouflage. Her fascination with the varied textures, patterns and shifting kaleidoscopic colours in Nature, has led the artist to extensively research and experiment with unconventional bio-inspired painting techniques, including the latest iridescent technologies.

1._Art__Science_of_IridescenceThe Art of Iridescence

Schenk's sustained effort to adopt this challenging new medium in the context of painting has led to a series of related SciArt projects, including the Arts Council funded residency and show 'Mantle of many Colours' at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth (2004-5). This was followed by 'Colour+Chemistry' (2006) and the subsequent AHRC-funded research project 'Sea Change' - involving a residency at the Natural History Museum, London (2007).

SciArt_home_image_2Eye of the Beholder

The artist has since continued her research at the University of Birmingham, initially during a placement (2008) that formed part of 'Interact: Artists in Industry' - a nationwide Arts Council initiative. The Wellcome Trust funded project 'In the Eye of the Beholder' (2009) followed suit which, in turn, led to ‘The Art of Iridescence’, funded by the Arts Council (2010).

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Interact Sea Change Colour+Chemistry Mantle of Many Colours
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