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Colour + chemistry

Sherborne House, Dorset (2005/6)

With an emphasis on latest colour technology, the Colour+Chemistry project, developed and presented by Sherborne House in conjunciton with ArtsLink and 4 science, provided an integrated visual arts, education and exhibition programme.

Franziska Schenk became involved when she successfully secured a place on their limited access 'Colour Lab' symposium (3 Nov 05). This, in turn, led to the artist being selected to deliver a workshop on 'Colour-shift Pigments and Camouflage' to BND Fine Art students at Yeovil College (Feb 06); and also inclusion in 'Vibrant 2' at Sherbourne House Gallery. The latter, a group show featuring Schenk's diptych 'Sea Change', also included work by four similarly selected artists and the outcome of their respective workshops.


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Colour-shift Pigments and Camouflage

Workshop with BND students from Yeovil College, as part of Colour+Chemistry programme run by Sherbourne House, Dorset (Feb 2006).

The students learned about the artist's themes, materials and methods to then create their own artwork in response. The latter was shown, together with the artist's work, in Vibrant 2 at Sherborne House Gallery (June 2006).


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2. Presentation
3. Making paint
4. Student work
5. Student work
6. Exhibition overview
7. Student work
8. Private View
9. Private View
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