Gerhard Richter series

Beginnings: Richter


Series of 7 paintings, oil on canvas, range of sizes, 1997/98

These portraits feature Gerhard Richter, one of Germany's leading contemporary painters. Appropriating not only his image but also his 'style', the series can simultaneously be seen as a critical evaluation of Richter's legacy and a momento mori - presenting a stranger caught in the slow process of aging.

Richter's preoccupation with uncertainty, transience and the blurring of boundaries has, in turn, kindled Schenk's fascination with iridescence.

1. Painting I 122x91cm
2. Painting II 122x91cm
3. Painting III 70x63cm
4. Painting IV 59x55cm

5. Painting V 59x55cm
6. Painting VI 51x41cm
7. Painting VII 63x70cm


Jonbenet triptych


Triptych, oil on canvas, 1998

This work concerns Jonbenet Ramsey, a little beauty queen who, at the age of six, was found assaulted and murdered in the basement of her parent's house.

Her story provides the focus for an exploration of girlhood as constructed by adults. Is Jonbenet just an innocent little girl; a knowing siren; or an 'empty canvas' on which we can project our own notions of childhood, our fantasies and sexual desires?

1. Panel I
2. Panel II
3. Panel III
4. Panel III detail

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