Whitworth Gallery - Beginnings


4 diptychs, oil on canvas, 1999. Denizen I & II: 122x183 cm; Skulduggery & am.bass d'or: 180x425 cm.

The series simultaneously refers to the 'grand' tradition of History Painting, as well as the illustrations found in children's books (e.g. Kingsley's Water Babies). Diverse visual elements combine to create a surreal world where the depth of the sea, deep space and the hidden territory of our inner selves merge. The Denizens of the Deep, guarding their world, represent both our past and are the gatekeepers to our future. Life started in the sea. But what does the future hold?

1. Diptych 1 left panel
2. Diptych I right panel
3. Diptych II left panel 2
4. Diptych II right panel

Skullduggery, detail
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