In the Eye of the Beholder 2010

See Change

Extended series of paintings, iridescent medium on board, 21 x 29.7 cm, 2007 - to date

Captivated by their ephemeral beauty, fragility and capacity of continuous transformation, the artist has spend the last five years studying the complex patterns and iridescent colour mechanisms of butterflies and moths in the hope to convert latest industrial colour-shifting nano-particles to the painter's palette.

And indeed, the beauty, complexity and intricacy revealed when observing such iridescent patterns under the microscope is captured for the first time on canvas. In tandem, the close interrelationship between the evolution of colour, display and perception are artistically explored.

1. Painting I
2. Painting II
3. Painting III
4. Painting IV
5. Painting V
6. Painting VI
7. Painting VII
8. Painting VIII
9. Painting IX
I0. Painting X
I1. Painting XI
I2. Painting XII
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