The Art of Iridescence - Birmingham University

The Art of Iridescence

Series of 6 diptychs, iridescent medium on board, 160 x 190 cm each, 2009/10

The rare moth Erebus obscura is the inspiration here - its most distinguishing feature being astonishingly realistic iridescent eyespots.

Mirroring the process of evolution, innovative reproduction methods were employed to create variations of the 'same' painting.

To capture the ephemeral quality of the colour, the artist adapted and adopted novel bio-inspired pigments. Depending on the light and viewing angle, an apparently dull brown moth transforms itself into a glittering beauty - before our very eyes.

1. Diptych I
2. Diptych II
3. Diptych III
4. Diptych IV
5. Diptych V
6. Diptych VI
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