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In the Eye of the Beholder Tour

The Eye of the Beholder exhibition (Nov 09 - Feb 10) formed part of Darwin200.

Description: In response to Darwin's iconic description of the development of the eye, Schenk drew on novel biomimetic techniques and paint-technology to create artworks inspired by the astonishingly realistic eyespots adorning the wings of the rare moth Erebus obscura.

Erebus Obscura series: Three diptychs, mixed media, 2009/10.·Diptych I: 160x190cm; Diptych II: 122x183cm; Diptych III: 84x120cm

Acknowledgement: Supported by the Wellcome Trust.

View: Press Release and article in Buzz, Sept 09, p 8

1. Diptych I left panel
2. Diptych I right panel
3. Diptych II left panel
4. Diptych II right panel
5. Diptych III left panel
6. Diptych III right panel
7. Diptych IV left panel
8. Diptych IV right panel
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