The Story of the Coelacanth

1) Latimeria, oil on canvas, 80x100 cm, 1999. 2) Story of the Coelacanth, 4 collages (27x35 cm) and one painting (oil on canvas, 92x122 cm), 1997.

The coelacanth provides the inspiration here. In 1938, the relic 'living fossil' fish, believed to have been extinct for 65 million years, was rediscovered by Miss Courtenay-Latimer (and later named after her).

Juxtaposing the ancient fish and deep space representing the future, the 'Story of the Coelacanth' reminds us that ultimately all our efforts to dominate nature may prove futile.

1. Latimeria oil on canvas 80x100cm
2. Coelacanth collage 27x35cm
3. Coelacanth collage 27x35cm
4. Colacanth collage 27x35cm
5. Coelacanth oil on canvas 90x122cm
6. Coelacanth collage 27x35 cm

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