The Art of Iridescence - Darwin Festival 2011

Solo exhibition in conjunction with Darwin Festival, Shrewsbury (21 Feb - 31 March 2011).

Venue: Old Infirmary, Shrewsbury - a medieval building originally part of Shrewsbury Abbey, now home to Shropshire Wildlife Trust

  • Erebus obscura series: Seven diptychs, mixed media, various sizes, 2009/10
  • See Change series: 13 small paintings, mixed media, all A4-size, 2007/8

Description: Mimicking iridescent structures of insects, Schenk has adapted revolutionary colour-shifting nanoparticles to inject a dynamic dimension into painting. With the rare moth Erebus obscura as example, the artist explores novel bio-inspired effects of colour change.

Acknowledgment: Supported by Arts Council England 

1.Old Infirmary - overview
2. View from Old Infirmary
3. Overview II
4. Diptych I and II each 160x190cm
5. Diptych V each panel 42x60cm
6. Diptych III and IV each 160x190cm
7. Diptych VI each panel 91x122cm
8. Diptych VII each panel 122x91cm
9. Small paintings - overview

Photos by Dr Norman Day

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