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Evolution of Evolution, group exhibition (June 2009)

Venue: Glasgow Science Centre

Erebus obscura, diptych I, mixed media on board, 160x190cm, 2009

See Change, nine paintings, mixed media on boards, each A4-size, 2007/8

Description: The Evolution of Evolution exhibition was organised by the Society of Experimental Biology (SEB) as part of the Darwin200 celebrations.

Acknowledgement: Supported by the Wellcome Trust

1. Glasgow Science Centre
2. Erebus 160 x 190cm perpendicularily lit
3. Erebus side-lit
4. Erebus detail
5. In the Eye of the Beholder - overview
6. Eye of Beholder panel 2 A4-size
7. Eye of Beholder panel 6 A4-size
8. Eye of Beholder panel 5 A4-size
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