Mantel of many Colours

Mantle of Many Colours - National Marine Aquarium

Solo show (Nov 04 - April 05)

Venue: National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth

  • Mantle of Many Colours, triptych, mixed media on board, each panel 3’ x 4’, 2004 
  • Skulduggery, diptych, oil on canvas, 180x425cm, 1999
  • Denizen I, diptych, oil on canvas, 122x183cm, 1999

Description: This exhibition featured the newly commissioned triptych Mantle of Many Colours, the inspiration being that unsung hero, the somewhat underrated cuttlefish. In an attempt to mimic its astounding ability to change both colour and texture, the artist experimented with unconventional painting techniques and materials, including wax, beads and colour-changing pigments. Other related artwork was shown in conjunction

Acknowledgement: Supported by the Arts Council England

1. Skulduggery
2. National Marine Aquarium
3. Denizen I

4. Mantel of many Colours
5. Diptych I
6. Diptych II
7. Diptych III
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