The Art of Iridescence - Science Festival 2010

Solo Exhibition, forming part of British Science Festival (7 - 24 Sept 2010)

Venues: Showcased across the Rotunda (University of Birmingham) and the School of Art (Birmingham City University).

  • Rotunda: Erebus obscura series: Four diptychs, mixed media, 160x190cm each, 2009/10 
  • School of Art: Erebus obscura series continued: Three diptychs, mixed media, 2009/10. Diptych V: 244x183cm; Diptych VI: 122x183cm; Diptych VII: 84x120cm

Description: With the rare moth Erebus obsucra as exemplar, and evolutionary biology as inspiration, the insect's ever-evolving iridescent hues are captured - for the first time on canvas. Mirroring the process of evolution, an original painting was used as the template from which to develop all further works. Thus, while different in appearance, all paintings shown are, in fact, modified multiples of the original.

Acknowledgments: Supported by the Arts Council England, Birmingham University and Birmingham City University.

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1. Diptych I and II
2. Diptych I and II - overview V
3. Diptych II and III - overview
4. Diptych II and III
5. Rotunda - UoB
6. Diptych IV left panel
7. Diptych IV right panel
8. School of Art - BCU
9. Diptych V
I0. Diptych VI
I1.Diptych VII
I2. Diptych V - close up
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