In the Eye of the Beholder Tour

The Eye of the Beholder exhibition (Nov 09 - Feb 10) formed part of Darwin200.

Description: In response to Darwin's iconic description of the development of the eye, Schenk drew on novel biomimetic techniques and paint-technology to create artworks inspired by the astonishingly realistic eyespots adorning the wings of the rare moth Erebus obscura.

Erebus Obscura series: Three diptychs, mixed media, 2009/10.·Diptych I: 160x190cm; Diptych II: 122x183cm; Diptych III: 84x120cm

Acknowledgement: Supported by the Wellcome Trust.

View: Press Release and article in Buzz, Sept 09, p 8

1. Diptych I - overview
2. Diptych I left panel
3. Diptych I right panel
4. Diptych III
5. Diptych III left panel
6. Diptych II side-lit
7. Diptych II perpendicularly lit
8. Diptych II left panel
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